Where Can I put my images?

Hello There.
I need help please. I’m new to coding.
I’m doing the tribute page and want to load a picture of the subject I’m giving tribute to. The picture is on my computer. But I don’t know how to put that image on a server or a website to to be able to use it in the “src” value.
For now I have put
so it is displaying my personnal image I put on my profile at codecamp but I want to display the picture of the subject.
Please guide.
This is the code I wrote:

Ine Mona

La femme de ma vie

Le Grand mariage Ce fut le 23 Mars 1997. Comme elle est reluisante telle une amante au premier rendez-vous

you need to put it online using some image hosting service - or you could use something else other than codepen, so that you can also upload your images. Like for example repl.it will let you upload images.

You could put them on github, using “github pages”.

  • create a repo (public)
  • upload your images
  • under settings
    • scroll to “github pages”
    • pick source > “master branch”

You can access your files via:

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I just search for “free image hosting” and use the first non-ad that isn’t imgur.

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I keeo forgetting about it… I have an account on snipboard.io , it can work for this

Dear ieahleen,
Thank you very much.

Dear ArielLeslie,
Thank you very much. Imgur worked for me. Simple solution for a beginner like me.
Later on , I will try with the more advanced solution like Github.

Your Imgur links may break in time. Using them for website asset hosting is against their Terms and Conditions, so the often work to block sites like CodePen from accessing them. Hopefully, that doesn’t happen before you’re on to bigger and better things, but just FYI.

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Thank you very much ArielLeslie. Good to know.
Best Regards

Thanks for this. I was using imgur.
I’m moving my images to Github.