Where can I select the course I want to learn?

I don’t know how I am missing this but I don’t have the option to select a language. It automatically put me in the CSS course althought it is not the language I wanted to learn. Is it meant to be like this or? Thanks for any help <3

Update: Andddd I found it under Map. Didn’t expect it to be there surprised I hadn’t already checked though lol.

FCC doesn’t have multiple courses. It is intended to be one curriculum for end-to-end web application development. If you are not interested in a particular section of the curriculum, you can skip it using the map (as you discovered). Keep in mind that the projects are cumulative, so the projects for whichever section you chose to start with will require knowledge of CSS and HTML in order to complete.

I understand, while I could use the extra experience with html and css I don’t find them nearly as confusing as JavaScript which is the language I need help with at the moment for school. For some reason my brain just can’t process it. Here’s to progress though hopefully!