Where can I teach younger kids Python while also getting paid?

I am a sophomore in high school with pretty good Python experience, and I want to be able to tutor younger students while also getting paid as a simple part time job. I looked online for sites that would help me find students, but I am not sure how reliable / worthwhile they are. Do any of you guys have recommendations for websites I could use to start finding students or other advice to get this going? I am only looking to receiver around 15-20 dollars an hour.

Reach out to the local elementary or middle schools (if they exist in your area) and ask the principals/teachers and explain what you want to do.

Do you have a portfolio online that you could reference? The portfolio should highlight what you have accomplished with Python and also explain any experience you have had with teaching.

My feeling is if you do not already have teaching experience, then you will need to join some kind of community (online or physical) and first give free mentoring to others who could eventually vouch for your ability to teach.

Having good Python experience does not always equate to being a good teacher though, so it may be difficult to convince others of your teaching ability.