Where did the area to claim your certificate go?

With the new update, I can’t fine where the certificate that you can claim is. Is there even still a certificate availible?

Wait never mind, I found it in settings.

I don’t understand anymore tho. If you just have to do the projects to complete your certificate, doesn’t that devalue the certificate because you can just skip through all the lessons.

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I would say that it doesn’t devalue the certificate, but it just shows that you have the knowledge to complete the projects (whether or not someone went through all of the lessons). If the lessons are easy for someone to complete, they shouldn’t really need to go through them. For college degrees, people can skip out on whole classes and get credit for them if they can demonstrate they have the knowledge from some other source.

The majority of challenges have not been required for certificates. Most certificates were based only on projects.

That’s the way its always been even before the update.