Where did the weekly Quincy Larson emails go?

Last time I got one was on May 17. I wondered if maybe there was some bug on the website that deploying the new freeCodeCamp curriculum might have caused unsubscriptions, but on the website I couldn’t find any place to subscribe again.

Anyone also have this issue and know what’s going on?

I would like to receive these weekly emails.

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If you check your settings page you’ll find a tab to switch it on. I think its off by default.

First of all I can’t find it, second, it was on before, so I think it was a mistake (or bug) for it to turn itself off without any warning.

Its there for me.

Oh, I really couldn’t find it looking several times, but with your screenshot I found it :slight_smile:

A-ha! It’s been On for me, but I’m still not getting the emails since May 17.

There is no issue. The last email for me is also May 17. I think he has temporarily stopped. I am not sure of the reason why. But the FCC Medium might be a good alternative.

Without any warning, and also keeping the setting on the website? I’m sure it’s a bug.

Same here. Email notifications are on, haven’t received any newsletter since Freecode Camp got an update this year in May (I think). Last email received was May 17th as well.