Where do I find a JavaScript vocabulary?

I have been watching a few courses in Udemy and YouTube… and I got to learn a few basis about JavaScript, the equations and functions are not all that complicated… BUT… there is a big BUT…

… many of the instructors / teachers pull out a “keyword” in the middle of writing a function and it is a keyword I have never seen before… this is happening over an d over,.

I think I would learn much faster if I could have a reference / vocabulary / dictionary of all the keywords that can be applied when writing JavaScript…

One example of what I am taking about is when calling some parts of a function an instructor wrote something like:

let key in obj ← this came out of thin air, and I go like… what is “key” and how does it know what key you are talking about? how does JavaScript understand “in”? , I didn’t even know you could use “obj” while writing JavaScript, and how does JavaScript know what “obj” you are talking about?

^^ This was at a Udemy video watching last night… I could ask the teacher all those questions… but this was like the third time he pulls some words to include in writing, and those are 3 words that I have not seen before “key in obj”… if I had a some vocabulary reference all the formulas would flow much easier…

key and obj are just variables, not special keywords

the keywords there are let, used to declare variables

and in, I imagine it was a for...in loop

Specifically this: it’s the name of a variable. It could be called “yek” or “xyz” or “abracadabra”, you can call variables anything you want, but it makes sense to call them something close to what values they represent. This is the key of an object, so it makes sense to call it “key”.

“obj” is the name of a variable. Because the value of the variable is an object, it makes sense in that context to just call it “obj”.

It doesn’t, this is the [edit] point of using programming, you tell the computer what the value is, and you give the value a name so that it’s easier for you to understand and work with. When you run the program, it doesn’t just pluck some random object out of thin air, it uses whatever object you have said “obj” is.

Edit: overall reference docs

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Thanks… that Javascript reference will help a lot…

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