Where do I get started on freeCodeCamp?

I’m new to freeCodeCamp. It’s so unusual to me! Wildly different from Codecademy I’m used to. I feel a bit lost so maybe you can help (FAQ didn’t). So I have a list of “courses” on the /learn page. Ok. But am I allowed to pursue my own goals with FCC? I’m an advanced beginner/intermediate coder (no developer job yet, though). My languages are Java and, to a lesser degree, JavaScript, HTML, CSS. I can make websites that don’t look ugly, with or without Bootstrap, I don’t mind both frontend (maybe, I should be a full-stack, that sounds like me), but generally speaking my priority at this point is backend, specifically Java. I would enjoy building my skills in Java even more, in particular improving my knowledge of the Spring framework(s). When I click on “Backend Development” I see these messages: “Until this point, you’ve only used JavaScript on the front end to add interactivity to a page, solve algorithm challenges, or build an SPA” (I have no idea what SPA is) and “We recommend doing these in order”. Does it mean I don’t get to choose and, unlike Codecademy, freeCodeCamp expects me to basically follow this JS-focused path (you do backend with JS Node, don’t you) with no alternatives? Thank you

The curriculum is designed to be done in order (from top to bottom), so sections will be written with the assumption that you’ve followed the freeCodeCamp curriculum to get to that point. You’re certainly welcome to jump around as you like, but if you find yourself confused, that might be why.

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The recommended path for beginners is to start at the top and work their way down. That doesnt mean that is the way it must be followed, but its a helpful suggestion for those who are just getting started. You are more then welcome to look through the curriculum and start where ever you want.

There’s one curriculum only, is that correct? Whom is it for? Full-stackers? I see it has both front-end and back-end. Does Java and Spring have any place in that curriculum?

The thing is I don’t know where I want to start. That is, I have my goals, but I don’t understand which buttons on the /learn page I should click in order to reach them (if such buttons exist)

FCC is moore of a focus on web development, so there is no curriculum for java or spring. What are your goals? Maybe we can help point you in a direction

Get a job and move out (in short). I’m already enrolled in an online school and I’m expected to start having my first interviews this summer. The program I’m enrolled in is backend, in particular Java backend. However, it’s possible that I’ll have more job opportunities if I also know frontend. I like it too anyway (and full-stackers earn even more than back-end guys so it makes sense from a financial standpoint too). At any rate, I figured freeCodeCamp can help me with at least something. I heard great feedback on your platform

freeCodeCamp teaches full stack web development.

Neither Java nor Spring are part of the curriculum. freeCodeCamp also has a YouTube channel and a publication and they both cover a wider range of topics. The interactive courses are JavasScript, React, and Node based.

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While freeCodeCamp does have a recommended path and suggests completing the challenges in order, you’re not limited to just that path. You can choose to focus on specific topics or areas that align with your interests and goals, such as backend development with Java and the Spring framework. The recommended path mainly serves as a guide to ensure you have a solid foundation and understanding of web development concepts.

@yivekan I was told FCC doesn’t teach Java or Spring

No, fCC does not teach Java or Spring. We teach HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.