Where do I go from here?


I have a IAO Level 3 Certificate in Web Design and Development which I received on the 5th March 2019.

I haven’t gained employment as a developer up until now and haven’t had much practice with what I learned due to family/work circumstances.

The problem I have now is that I would like to get back into it and get myself job ready as a web developer, but not sure how to go about it. Should I do some kind of refresher course, or just put some time in revising and practicing what I learned from the course?

The course taught me a bit of everything from front end to back end languages, but I like to be good at one particular aspect, such as Javascript. It this even possible as a developer or is all round knowledge needed?

The overwhelming nature of web development has put me off taking things further but I now feel it’s the right time to get back into it seriously. My ideal role would be a remote position.

Does anyone have any advice for me on where to go from here?

Many thanks in advance.

Yeah, this is a common position to be in - I’ve learned some stuff, how do I get a job?

In short, keep building things, learning new things, using those newly learned things to build more complex things, use your builds as an excuse to learn new things, etc. Beyond that, get your resume, portfolio, linkedin, etc. in good shape, have people look them over. Additionally do some research on tech interviews and see what to expect. Practice interviewing. Keep doing all these things.

At the risk of more blatant self-promotion, I once wrote a doc with my thoughts on the difficulty of getting your first job. Hopefully you can find some more detail there.

Also, search back through the forum - there are a lot of threads on this subject.

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Many thanks for your reply. It’s much appreciated.

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