Where do we get uncopyrighted videos for our landing page?

hi guys,

currently doing my landing page project and one of the requirements is to create and one of the requirements is this:

User Story #6: I can watch an embedded product video with id=“video”.

where can we get an uncopyrighted video for this project?

Pixabay.com may have videos for you. I just put a false src. Also, you can embed youtube videos easily by right clicking on a video and choosing copy video url. If it’s a feature on youtube, it’s probably fine.
Update: the url “https://unsplash.it/” followed by a number gives you back a random stock photo.


Hi @iamcris! There are lots of resources to find royalty free videos and videos with a creative common license to use in your project. Most sites just require to sign in with a new account that is usually free. Here are some of my favorites. Please check the guidelines for attribution for every stock video you gonna use and give proper credit. Enjoy and make a great project!

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Thanks man! These are great resources.