Where do you see yourself in 1 year from now ? beginners!

Hello friends :wave:
Where do you see yourself a year from now?
This question is about fear and motivation at the same time
Motivation to continue learning every day and fear of stopping and getting lost at some point due to little information you have about your goal and how to reach it as a beginner
I do self-study every day and I do not speak English so there are problems I face with understanding
My goal is to work as a freelance front-end developer employee
Learning now: Html, css3, JS
I want to know what I must learn in order to reach my goal, and what information I should know about this field
I want to write about my learning journey and I want to learn from other people’s experiences so please if you have any information or advice to share with me I would be grateful for that.
My friends, I hope that you achieve all your goals… Good luck :handshake: :heart:

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Hi @Maryam2031 !

Hopefully working as a junior developer somewhere.

If you are interested in freelancing there is tons of information on how to get started.

I would highly suggest to research ALOT.
Read articles, ask questions, research on the forum, listen to podcast, etc.

Here are some articles to get you started.

In terms of what you should know, I would definitely have a healthy foundation in html, css and javascript. Have some projects to show off and learn a framework like react.

I have written a couple of articles for FCC news and gatsby and I think the key is to write something that is authentic and is relatable. You want to try and connect with a lot of readers.

I would look into the FCC News and the FCC podcast.

Here are some other podcasts to check out.


thank you so much sis …this help me a lot :pray:

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