Where does FCC curriculum cover APIs, AJAX etc?

I am working on the Random Quote Front End project. I saw that the FCC solution uses AJAX to generate quotes. But since I don’t know how to do that, I stole some dummy data from FCC’s JSON.

However, I also wanted to know where/when in the curriculum these topics will be covered so I did a search on FCC for “API”. There were several hits and these are only the ones from the top of the screen:


The one titled, “Intro to the JSON APIs and AJAX Challenges” leads to a broken link. But there are others that lead to FCC Guides. And yet others that link to a section of the curriculum but I can’t tell where this is in the overall curriculum.

SO! My question is, is this topic covered by FCC…and if so where? If not, are the links to curriculum old…? Should we rely on Guides instead…?

Appreciate the help!!

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Lol. I feel dumb. The one place I did not check.