Where I am after about a year of FCC

When did I start?
It was on January 30th 2020 that I first said Hello to HTML Elements.
So in two days it will have been exactly a year, and man has it been fun.

Why did I start?
What started me on this path was a genuine interest in programming, I just love how it is useful in so many areas.
I am, and also was at that time, particularly interested in learning a skill all by myself and being able to actually make a living off of that.

I find programming to be extremely useful in so many ways:
You can get a job, you can freelance, you can solve your own problems and you can even start your own business/create your own app/software, etc.

All of this has pushed me to doing this on day one and this is what still keeps me going today.
It is also what brought me back, after I lost motivation and did absolutely nothing for a couple of months (August 9th - December 16 to be exact).

This is what I also advise to people that have just started, actually regardless of what activity it is.
You have to find something that truly motivates you.
When I didn’t have any motivation, I often wondered how exactly to do that and unfortunately I haven’t found a good answer. I guess I just found the motivation at some point.

How to find and use motivation
So if you haven’t found it, I guess just keep looking for things that trigger you emotionally, things that give you energy, things that give you the desire to change.
Else if you have temporarily lost motivation (like I did) try to remember what got you going in the first place, remember all the work you already put in and use that to keep you going.
And if you have motivation, even better! Focus on the road ahead and go forward every day!

Other advice
One other thing that also lead to me not doing anything for a couple of months, was that I just didn’t understand how to do a specific task, and no matter how much I googled, I just couldn’t understand it.
That is until I stumbled on a tutorial on the project I was working on, on this YouTube channel.
This really helped me out, since I could see a path forward again.

If you are struggling with something, Google can often help, but a personalised helper is even better. Do not hesitate to ask for help on this forum!

My achievements this year:

I got all the certifications up until (and including) the Scientific Programming with Python. Now keep in mind, that I had a lot of spare time on my hands, so if you don’t make it this far, don’t worry about it.
As I said initially, the most important thing is truly to follow your passion.

I also had one Fiverr gig, where I made about 10$.
I probably could have made a lot more if I focused more on that, but for now I mainly tried to learn on FCC.

I haven’t got a job yet, but I will start applying now and reading some of the other stories makes me hopeful, that it will be possible relatively soon. Otherwise I will continue to freelance and build my own projects until I am ready.

If I do get a job I will try to remember this post and add information regarding that, to give additional motivation/perspective.

Until then, keep Coding Campers! I wish you a lot of success on your way.

Oh, and here’s a cookie, for reading all of this text:


Thanks. I have been dabbling with coding and FCC for the last few years. I’ve been working on nailing down a study time and the amount of time seems daunting but doable. I started all over again. I needed to remember everything and want to feel more of a comfort level with the basics. I know I learned well when I don’t have to refer to anything other than my memory or logic. Thanks for sharing your story. I would like to know how much time did you dedicate to your studies on average? Daily, Weekly? What did you see as your biggest obstacles? How did you maintain your motivation and stamina with all the insanity of 2020?

Nom, nom, nom,

Hey man!

Thank your for your words and advise.
I wish you lucky in your projects. Im just beginning and read texts like your give me motivation to go on.

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Great to hear that! Best of luck to you too!

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I am glad to be able to learn others’ experience on freeCodeCamp. You sent me encouragment. You seem to be learning how you want yourself to. I hope your work continues to fuel the energy you give.

Thank you for your advice, and this topic also makes me think about how I will be in a year from now and the amount of effort expended in learning and make me focus on my goals .
I wish you achieving all your goals and good luck