Where I'm at, and 3 questions

So I went through all the challenges in the Web development cert. The challenges overall were not difficult But I have found applying the information Incredibly frustrating. I have started the projects I never out and out remember how to do a thing.

So here’s my game-plan I am going to go back through the course take notes and create “anki” flash cards. that is unless someone has already created good flashcards html and css basics. I will do this while splitting my time working on the projects in the section.

Would anyone who i working on the web dev cert be interested In pair programing one of the projects. I have a fairly wide breadth of availability. I want to get experience working with others from the outset and for that matter I think it will make a project that much more fun.

I am financially hurting in my day to day, I work a full time job but honestly it just isn’t enough. An extra 200 or more a month would make a huge difference. So I was thinking I would start looking for basic freelance work, Where in this curriculum would you recommend going down that route and what are some resources to help me get started

Q:1 are there html css flashcards.
Q:2 would anyone like to pair program one of the the responsive web dev projects excluding the tribute page.
Q: 3 At what point in the curriculum would you recommend taking on freelance projects.

I wish I could help you,but I’m just looking through to see if anyone has issues with no responses. I would say to learn the concepts better, the best way is building your own programs using the lessons. That way the projects will be a little easier. As an example, I built a flashcard site for myself early on and worked on it with my son. It wasn’t very good, but it worked for what I needed. You are welcome to fork the project link and see if you can create your own HTML array etc… Let us know where you are in the challenges and we may be able to give more specific feedback. I understand the lack of time and money. Hang in there. Here is a link to my flash cards on codepen (such as it is).

Write code every day. Do more projects - plenty of ideas out there if you don’t have your own. Practice more, it’s all about putting in the hours. Apply the stuff that you are trying to learn. Here’s the deal - if you do this every day, sooner or later you’ll be able to know “how” to do things - that DOES NOT mean memorizing the syntax/recipes btw. That’s why flashcards are a waste of time when you have google.

People who do this for a living forget things all the time and look it up on google. The difference is - they KNOW what to look for. They know how to write google queries that help in their situation. If they don’t know how to solve the problem they can figure out how to break it down into smaller ones and go from there. That’s a skill you can’t learn in a book. That’s something you can only acquire as you gain more experience

The time the professional SWEs spend staring at project requirements / user stories / tasks at hand is going to be much shorter than yours. That being said, they still struggle sometimes. They get frustrated. They get bored. But the only thing separating them from you right now is experience. Are you willing to put in the time and effort to gain that experience?

As for freelancing, don’t expect to get something online as a newbie with a full time job anytime soon. The best course of action would be to try and find opportunities among your peers/local businesses/friends, etc… HTML/CSS skills alone won’t get you far there though (or anywhere really), you’re likely gonna have to learn some JS and pick a CMS/framework. Anyway, don’t worry about freelancing for now. Just keep learning. If you got into coding purely for the money you will likely not succeed. You have to enjoy this in order to have the drive and determination to become good at it and make it into a career while having another FT job.

For real? If you know basic HTML and CSS you can customize WordPress themes and make some money right now. Won’t be a lot, but if you need money, this is an actual option. Look for small companies in your city, even restaurants, and local stores. They might need a better website :slight_smile: