Where is Documentation

I went thru that training doing the Cat Photo App. Now they want me to do projects using Codepen. I ddi the best I could on the Tribute page. but now they want a personal bio page. They say use bootstrap but i thought we were using CodePen. And they want buttons. But how do you make the buttons go somewhere? I want to know where is the documentation for all this. I took a few notes on that CatPhotoApp thing. But it seems like there should be documentation for all this so you can look it up.

The documentation for Bootstrap is on the Bootstrap documentation page: http://getbootstrap.com/docs
You aren’t required to use Bootstrap. It’s just a tool.

Every single project is going to require to you do more independent research. You’ll have to make your own decisions about what tools to use. Even finding what tools you might consider will require spending some time googling and maybe talking to other campers. That’s the way that this curriculum is designed to work. The projects are not tutorial based. FCC gives you the foundation to understand and apply the other resources that are available.

You already learned how to create links to pages in the following FCC challenge.

If you go into that challenge and add the following to the style section:

  .btn {
  .btn:hover {
    color: purple;

and then add the following anchor tag to the bottom of the code, you will see how to create a button which links to the Free Code Camp website.

<a class="btn" href="http://freecodecamp.org" target="blank">Button linking to Free Code Camp</a>