Where is the "Claim your certificate" Page

Kindly revert back to the original settings of FCC otherwise it is very confusing .
I’m not able to progress any further because of this sudden change.
No one is also giving a clear hint about how to use the changed version of the website.
A personal mail should be given to each camper about the recent changes made.
The “CLAIM YOUR CERTIFICATE” column is nowhere to be seen

Kindly solve the matter as soon as possible

chillax ! its a non-profit organization. Its not like a huge amount of people are working on FCC org. Some few ones are working their ass off to make this site better. Plus they have other own works to do too.So have patience.
And what i’ve seen so far, they are doing a great job. the new version is pretty light & fast .


I was able to claim mine on https://www.freecodecamp.org/settings (scroll down)

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