Where is the JavaScript in the site

Hi, all.
I really like number puzzles. So I play a lot of games on the site below.

I want to make my own game using JavaScript. Eventually, I want to upload the game to my web page.

So, I right-clicked and saw the source code on this site. But the source code that appeared there is HTML only and CSS and JavaScript are not visible. I think they are hidden somewhere else where nobody can see them.

Is there a way to know how this site works?

Thank you.


They’re not hidden, you’re just not looking in the right place :stuck_out_tongue:. Check the Debugger tab on the developer tools.

Hello there,
I hope that you are well.
Try navigating to the sources tab in the google chrome browser as shown in the picture below:

I hope that this helps. Let me know how it goes on your end

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Thank you very much, skaparate and martinlubowa.
I found the source code. martinlubowa’s screen picture helped me a lot.

I have another guestion about this site below.

Can I see the JavaScript code in the above site also? I mean it’s a lot harder to see the code base in this site even though I open the developer tools.

Thank you again.

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@kyeth I am glad that you were able to see the details you needed from the initial website. The same goes for this one as well. Please use this screenshot navigate to the resources you need:

@martinlubowa thank you very much again for your help. I didn’t know the code was in the asset folder. I really appreciate it because you pointed me to the right direction.
Thank you again for hleping me out and have a nice day.

On some websites, you may not get much useful information from the browser because the source code has been minified, making it very hard to read.

You can also browse and search platflorms like CodePen or Glitch for similar web apps where people want to show off their source code.


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