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I used another coding website. They made it really easy to see the solution. I learn by seeing examples so I want to see the solutions to problems that are given to me. I cannot find any button that gives me the answer if I am stuck. This has made it impossible or me to even continue past one lesson. Tell me where the solution button is.

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// Example
var ourDog = {
  "name": "Camper",
  "legs": 4,
  "tails": 1,
  "friends": ["everything!"]

// Only change code below this line.

var myDog = { name
"name" : "Doggy"
"legs" : 4
"tail" : 1
"enemies" : ["leash"."meanpeople"]

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FCC does not provide answers and instead promotes and encourages students to Read-Search-Ask in order to seek a solution rather than being given a solution.

If you provide the question or the problem of this challenge then the forum can help you

You need to separate elements inside an array with a comma, try with that.

Anyway, there should be a “Get a hint” button and a “Ask for help” button you can use in the challenge if you are stuck

There is no solution given to avoid people just copy-pasting

You are not obligated to do the challenge you can go to any other challenge whenever you want

Anyway, I have used codewars, freecodecamp and khan academy, and never solutions were just given to you.

Learn to implement Read-Search-Ask, it is most useful in any field