Where Should I install gems, modules, dependencies, etc

I am starting to become more mindful of where in my computer I’m installing/ storing things and I wanted to reach out to the freeCodeCamp community for advice.

What are the best practices for where on your computer you should be installing gems, libraries, modules, dependencies, etc.

For example, I’m currently learning about Ruby and gems. Specifically, I’m learning about the Bundler gem and how it can help my Ruby programs keep up with dependency versions.

For this specific problem, where on my computer should I install Bundler? (home directory ? home directory/Desktop ? etc)

More generally, does anybody have any advice on what is recommended when thinking about where to install and save these things?

You possibly shouldn’t be explicitly making this decision? It’s been a while since I used Ruby, but can you not just install it without specifying, like gem install bundler then it’ll put it where it puts the rest of your gems (not saying don’t do it, but I feel like you’re then going to then carefully have to adjust other things to make sure Ruby stuff runs?)

You can literally wipe all the installed gems off your computer immediately with a single command, it kinda makes sense to keep everything in the same place from that perspective

Anyway, whatever you decide, don’t install suff on your desktop, you’ll just slow your computer down