Where should i learn MEAN stack?

I want to learn mean stack.
where should i start.
i am a beginner in MEAN, but worked with php.

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Check out https://www.edx.org/course/introduction-mongodb-using-mean-stack-mongodbx-m101x-0

Have you completed the Node exercises here on FCC? That would form a good start for the back-end to the MEAN stack. In my opinion, if you want to learn MEAN, you should focus on the sum of its parts. I’d probably start with Node, Express and MongoDB. Then do some simple Angular front-end Single Page Applications before putting it all together in a full stack MEAN app. Of course, if you just wanted to jump straight in, you could always check out the free edx course on using MEAN from the creators of MongoDB.

EDIT: Looks like @Neotriz got there before me about the edx course. It is a great resource for learning MEAN.

Paid: like https://www.codeschool.com

Free: https://thinkster.io/mean-stack-tutorial

As new user I’m allowed to only 2 links… but google something like ‘learn mean stack’ and you’ll get many ideas and sites…
Best of luck

If your willing to spend a little (you can normally get it for about $10) I highly recommend this coarse on udemy.com: https://www.udemy.com/understand-nodejs/learn/v4/content

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