Where should I start from?

Hi guys! I’m Manuel, a 25 years old Spanish guy who is currently working and living in London.

I just made an account today when I’ve realised I wanted to study how to code and I definitely think this is the best website before I start a Computing degree so that I can see how it works and don’t go to the degree without any idea.

I’m actually thinking to go to the degree in September 2024 . So from now to that date it would be almost two years that I’m gonna be learning and practising coding from here having no experience at all.

Do you guys know where should I start? Should I start from the YouTube channel from the first video or from where?

Thank you so much for you help guys!! I’m just feel so lost!

the curriculum in fCC is probably a great place to start for someone who is learning to code from scratch if you like a project-based approach (that is, you will be working on coding right away).
If you like to be taught, you can definitely go to the youtube channel for that type of experience as well.
If you like to read, there are articles too.

To get to the curriculum just click on the link on the top left corner “Visit the Curriculum” and then start working on the first thing you see at the top (The New Responsive Web Design Certification)

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Thank you @hbar1st !! I know where should I start now :+1:

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