Where should I start if I want to learn android and the web programming

I’m really interested in learning how to program using android and google maps and bootstrap.

Also need the best guides and books that will lead me to becoming a great programmer.


If you are just starting to learning code, my recommendation is not to try both at the same time, because can be overwhelm .

But, there is an option to facilitate a little bit these things: you can learning React Native. Why?

There a lot of points, but I want to focus on just 2:

  1. It allows to develop native apps to both Android and iOS devices;
  2. It also helps to learning to develop web apps, because it is just JavaScript at the end.

I have been working with React Native for almost one year and recently started FCC. A lot of things that I learned on React Native is helping me to understanding the web and vice-versa.

So, it is a win-win relation!

Below follows a link my first web project and another showing as React Native has been used o production read apps.

If you decide to learning React Native and needs some guidance just let me know.

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If you want to start out leveraging what you are learning regarding HTML, CSS and vanilla JavaScript, I suggest trying PhoneGap build at http://phonegap.com/
You can even use CDN links to import CSS libraries like bootstrap and JavaScript libraries like jQuery.

For specific development of android apps, download the free intelli-j idea based Android Studio IDE. You can start on their site with some tutorials. https://developer.android.com/studio/index.html
You will have to learn Java (totally different language than JavaScript) and you can avoid frustration by learning how to edit the xml files used for layouts.

Check out the books available and free android game programming tutorials at

StackOverflow is also a great resource to pick up some android programming tips