Where thou i claim my certificate

hi just finished less than a minute ago the web design programming. where do i claim it?

Log in to your profile. Click “Update my account settings”, scroll down and accept the “Academic Honesty Policy”. Below that are the “Certifications” and each section has a “Claim Certification” button.

yes figured it out for some reason. question where does one find a good intern experience? im guessing people kind go and become freelance web design people am i right?

You can check out the Career Advice section of the forum.

If you make your projects better (you can ask for feedback in the #project-feedback section) you can use those as part of your presentation, or even use the portfolio you created to present your skills

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I think that it would be extremely rare to find an internship that would hire someone who only knew the material covered in the first freeCodeCamp certificate.

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So I have to continue?

yes, just that much of html and css is not much at all
you need to continue, and also make the projects you did till now nice, not only passing tests