Where to ask clarifying questions about the certification assignments?

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Just wanted to ask if transfers between categories in the budget app should be counted in the percentage spent for the chart part of the project since they are technically withdraws from one category that get deposited into another (as per specifications) but wasnt sure if thats what would be wanted.

I dont think it matters from looking at the test cases, but I like my code to be fairly robust when possible. Is there a better place to ask these types of questions then the forums here?

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Not sure about sharing code for a currently being worked on certifiaction project, and isnt relevent to the question.

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Challenge: Budget App

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I think that this is an excellent example of thinking critically about your project design. If it isn’t something that is directly tested, then it might be something that the project designers considered too complex to try to describe and require for this sort of platform. As long as your project meets the stated requirements, then you don’t have to worry about it being acceptable for freeCodeCamp. That said, I encourage you to keep asking yourself good questions and to build something that you are proud of.

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