Where to develop the website? Inside CodePen or outside?

I´m currently developing the personal portfolio website and doing some advances, but my friend who saw my project told me to work outside CodePen, to use the tool only when I finished all the project. He said:

It’s gonna be faster and easier to develop.

Is he right? What is your experience? Thanks in advance for share your experience.

Yeah I found working outside codepen to be much quicker too. For me using browser dev tools was the life saver as you can load up your page, make changes directly in the browser so you can see exactly what it looks like. You need to remember that every change is not permanent in dev tools but you can quite easily copy and paste your changes straight back onto your local environment. Also try using an editor like Sublime text where you can use emmet (the web dev toolkit) for quicker html css workflow.

That’s what I started doing any ways, but I’m still pretty nooob-ish overe here!

Hope this helped out @nelruk :wink: :+1:


CodePen was great for my first foray into making a page (the Tribute project), but at some point, like @P1xt said, you’ll need a local IDE (and like @P1xt said, it’s nice to have a friend who knows what they’re doing help-- I did) . I have a Mac, so I’m using MAMP’s Apache to serve my pages and Sublime2 (there’s a free trial–which actually doesn’t end). I like repl.it for running snippets of code in real time for trial-and-error debugging (I’ve used it mainly for JavaScript, but it does HTML/CSS too). But one nice thing about CodePen is that the integrations of HTML/CSS/JS files is all done for you–and you can see what the results of what you’re doing as you’re doing it.


The help is very clear. Thank you very much.