Where to get one-on-one python help, indie bookstore, urgent

I have some python code that was donated by a programmer for a bookstore building their emergency online store. Small bookstores are getting wiped out by shelter-in-place because they are non-essential. So, we cannot pay for help.

The code is for testing search engine results with the search box/field as it appears on the website. We have several privacy issues and concerns so, I don’t want to work on this in a public forum.

What is the best way get one-on-one python help online that is trustworthy - in terms of privacy?

A buddy or mentor might be a better way to say it. I can’t ask the programmer for more and I don’t know folks personally that can help.

I am just a beginner at python and don’t know how to run this.

I have some experience in Python (mainly in the context of science, working with databases, visualizations, modeling). I don’t think I’m quite there to be your guy but I’d love to help, I think I could do 2 things:

  1. If someone with more experience than I helps you but needs some coder-monkey to help, that could be me.
  2. If you have any questions regarding pure Python, send me a personal message and we can chat.

Good luck to you.-

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