Where to go from here?

Hey there.

I’ve been taking an part-time Online course here in Norway (Noroff School), and finished the first 2 years soon (out of 4 years). But since this course is quite expensive (about 2000 USD) each semester (5 months each semester), i’m considering taking a year off this course too see if i can find another way to make this cheaper.

The course i’ve taken is mostly about assignments you get to do on your own, at home. And learning from Lynda videos and other articles. But as said, its expensive.

What i’ve learned so far is basic design principles, how to use Illustrator and so on into design.
In coding we’ve learned basic HTML5, CSS(Vanilla, Bootstrap) and JavaScript(Vanilla). As well with connecting to API and so on. So basicly just Front-End stuff.

So is there a way for me to progress on without taking this course, since now it might seem that i wont be able to pay the last two years of it. I’ve just started with the FCC, and gotten thru the CSS part soon.

I would really appreaciate some good advice on how to move on from here in learning. I don’t mind any selflearning or things like that cause that is basicly what i’ve done these past 2 years except getting feedback from the teachers.

I am sorry if some of my points may be unclear of if im even in the wrong section (New to the forum/site).


man if you really want to do then you will get the time or anything which helps, right time or specific path is not there you have to encourage yourself for doing anything , for each individual path is different so whatever it comes to your you have to do or face .
That’s all
Wish you happy coding

Hey Rokimedes,

That school sounds very expensive. There are many courses on online education platforms for free or for fees that are a lot smaller than what you pay now.



https://www.coursera.org/learn/learning-how-to-learn and other courses of course, but Learning how to Learn is a classic and very useful for both study and work online.

Paid, but not too expensive:

https://learnwebcode.com/start-here/ (Use discount on Udemy as a new student!)

A Smashing Magazine membership also gives access to many great books that you can download. https://www.smashingmagazine.com/ebooks/

Wow, thanks! I’ll have a look at it!:slight_smile:

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Good day @Rokimedes,

Thanks for sharing your perspective with us and we believe that you will get a solution out of your question.

I do share the same concern of the course and also find IT pretty expensive for similar things found online.

I used to hardly research before paying for a course and came to realize that similar things can be found online at a cheaper price or for free.

We have to acknowledge the efforts of some fantastic teachers and respect their prices at times when it doesn’t put holes in our pockets.

One thing I have to admit, with enough research you can find affordable courses.
This also depends on how committed you are to your personal growth.

FreeCodeCamp has been a great blessing in my web development path as long as I was willing to put in the work. Once you immerse yourself in FreeCodeCamp and are willing to put in the work, this can be a great ALTERNATIVE to your expensive course.

On top of FreeCodeCamp you do have resources to help you make everything stick:

If you want anything structured to run with in parallel with FreeCodeCamp or after, have a look at this -> https://github.com/Techtonica/curriculum

On top of it, check https://dev.to/

Learn at least one Framework as a lot of job applications do request it. Check it based on your area and where you would like to work.

Flavio goes deeper with JavaScript and checking him should help -> https://flaviocopes.com/

Bootstrap is a good thing. Strive to learn Flexbox and the Grid to take your CSS to the next level.

Put your skills to the test by completing FreeCodeCamp Responsive and Front-End Projects. I did the same too. Those projects could be used in your portfolio.

Speaking about portfolio, you will need to create one and display projects you have worked on these past two years. If you don’t have projects, don’t worry. Complete the freeCodeCamp and you will be speaking another language 6 months later.

Looking forward to read another post from you with positive results before the end of the year.

Thanks for all the usefull tips! My first goal is to be able to complete most of the FCC curriculum and see where i go from there.

And the portfoliopage is a work in progress as i already have my webhost ready (been ready for 2 years), and i’ve done about 4-5 projects over these two years that i might end up having on my portfolio page.

I got one last project exam at my school (already payed for), that i should complete before i dive into the FCC, and hopefully ill learn enough, and to be confident enough to find a job as a developer! :slight_smile: Thanks again for all the useful advice!