Where to go next?

So I’m kind of in state of partial paralysis right now. What to do while I trudge away in my job search?

Do I:

  1. Work on depth of knowledge? I love React and have been messing around in Redux and React Native? Do I pursue a depth of knowledge there, looking at things related to React and more complex structures?

  2. Do I work of breadth? I could explore other things which I see often on job postings. Angular? Ruby/Rails? PHP/mySQL?

  3. Work on open source and build my rep?

  4. I actually have a small startup idea, an app that could be kind of useful. I’m not really sure how to monetize it or to whom I would speak to pursue it further. On one hand I could pursue it as a company I could get a few other players and try to make some money off it, but if I make it open source, it would have a greater chance of success.

I know it’s probably going to be a combination of a few of these.

Some thoughts?


Definitely go for MySQL, especially if you’re looking for a bit of change, and no matter what you end up doing, you’re probably going to need it. It’s quite easy to start, although mastering it is another thing…

Since you’re job searching, have you found any dream jobs with skills you don’t have yet? Or dream employers that use technology/languages you don’t know yet? I use these jobs/employers as guides for what to try out learning next.

I’d suggest you put an emphasis on interview skills since you’re looking for a job. Get as much experience as you can doing general tech-interview question stuff like reversing linked lists and building binary search trees. Search around for JavaScript specific interview questions and see if there are any gaps in your knowledge. Open source work would be the next best thing and should stimulate some breadth in your learning.

Yeah, that was another thing that I considered. I had a lot of that stuff when I studies C, decades ago. I’ve thought about going through and building all those old data structures and algorithms in JS. I’m not sure how applicable they are to modern coding, but they do appear to be a touchstone for some interviewers.

Is this all ‘Cracking the Coding Interview’ stuff, or are there other resources you’d recommend for these, @PortableStick?

Find a project to work on. Think of something you’d like to build that you feel like you almost have the skills to finish now. Start working on it. The project will drive you forward to learn what you need to complete it. If you can complete it, that will be impressive to prospective employers.

Yes and yes. The book is great, but hackerrank.com, geeksforgeeks.com and youtube are all great, too.