Where to learn React like FCC ways?


I am looking for learning React the same way that freecodecamp teaches. meaning no videos, but lessons with exercises to perform on a sand box. Do you know where I could find that?

I know that codeacademy has a react section, but there sandbox bugs a lot, and sometimes it will let you move on to the next lesson thinking that you code is right, even if the result isn’t the one expected.

I would like to avoid videos as I like to do this in places where watching videos isn’t ideal and I can re-read the lessons multiple time when written.

Thank you for sharing the good address!

Have you tried going through the React docs as there are numerous examples that you can work through on codepen to get you familiar with the library?

There is also this tutorial that you could try to build a tictactoe game:

The new beta has all the React and Redux training. You could keep up with your current course and learn React through the beta.
FCC beta

You could try out freeCodeCamp’s beta, Codeacademy’s course isn’t bad either :slight_smile: