Where to publish React [Solved]

Hi! I have a problem. I have created few project React+Redux. There are a lot of files. Where can I publish my code and everyone will have access to it?And also, of course, it needs to be rendered!
I could use codepen but - what if I have more than one file?
Thanks in advance!

Do you know about Github pages? There’s also Surge.sh. I have the Game of Life project hosted on Github, which might let you get an idea of how to set it up.

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thank you! I decided to use github pages

Surge have self cdn, but also pricing
But why etc jQuery have cdn, but…
who sponsor this

I spent a bit of time configuring GIthub pages.
So don’t waste your time.
Here is great link https://www.thinkful.com/learn/a-guide-to-using-github-pages/