Where to start..after a career break

Hi, i started as .net developer and have worked for 3yrs on web applications using ASP.Net, C#, SQL Server …etc I took a break, its been 6 yrs now. I am looking to rejoin work at junior level and started learning, its difficult to land a interview without current experience. can someone advise me where to start


I think study hard is the best way. Sometimes, its more important if you can do something instead of proving that you had any previous job experience.
I say that because I’m changing carrer, less than one year studiyng, and already got some interviews, even without previous job experience in IT. So, my advice would be: choose something to be good at, study, and apply (even though you think that you are not completely ready to).

The best luck for you :slight_smile:

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Well, your existing skills are still relevant, but it’s worth it to learn about what was changed in web technology over the last 6 years. You can also make yourself more attractive be learning a newer technology stack such as MEAN or MERN.

In the place where I live the job offers are scarce due to the lack of companies I think just like you that my study will be my biggest strength since I do not have a university degree until I get my freeCodeCamp certification so for the moment here we are 2 months after starting this trip.

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