Where to start? Need a recommendation please

Hi all, FCC seems like a great resource and happy to have found it. Silly question perhaps but thought I would ask: Are the certification programs presented on the curriculum page (https://www.freecodecamp.org/learn/) supposed to be completed in the order in which they are listed? Seems like an impossibility given each is 300 hours. Or just dive in the program I find interesting?

Am specifically interested in front-end and back-end JavaScript applications using MVVM/VC frameworks like Angular. Also interested in Java Springboot microservices and API compatibility, nodejs apps that can be used for ETL, and python for data analysis.

the 300h estimate is just that, an estimate, but it takes its time to learn such things. Note that to get a certification you just need the five projects at the end of a certification curriculum, so if you are already familiar with a topic you can just complete those

for JavaScript front-end/back-end + frameworks, yes, start from the top and go forward

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Thanks very much, Ilenia.

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