Where to start? Recently graduated from college

Hey all!

I am brand new to freecodecamp but after everything I have read this is where I want to begin my coding journey towards a career as a full-stack developer (my goal). I graduated from college in april and have been working a garbage part time job since. I majored in mathematics and picked up minors in computer science and info systems so I have some experience with coding. Noteworthy classes include: Algorithms and Info Structure (Java), Computer Systems Architecture (x86 Assembly & C), Web Development (HTML), Database Management Systems (minor SQL, it was theory based with minor projects), and lastly Intermediate Programming (Java). I also had a perspectives in computer science class that taught us theory. My only question is should I start with the recommended curriculum and just work my way through everything, or would I be better spending my time starting somewhere else? And if so, would you have any recommendations for where I should start? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated, I look forward to being apart of this community and being a student at freecodecamp. Thank you!

if you want to do web development, do the curriculum, the things you have listed are missing a lot for web dev

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freeCodeCamp is focused on web development and the curriculum is designed to be done in order. If you encounter any sections that are material you already know, feel free to skip.

That said… with a Math degree and CS coursework, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be applying for jobs now. I strongly suggest getting in contact with your university’s career services. Even though you have already completed your degree, they will probably offer you a lot of help. They can help you learn about employers in your area, connect you with recruiters, review your resume, provide practice interviews, and more. I also encourage you to attend career based events at your university: career fairs especially, but also networking events, QA panels with employers, and similar events.


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