Where to start regd cryptography?

Hello fellow FCC’ers. I am Rithwik and I have completed my Bachelors in Mathematics. So, I need help regarding where to start. One of the courses that interested me the most was Linear Algebra, and I kinda love Number theory too. I wasn’t properly aware of the field of cryptography until before a year or so. I spoke with my prof, and he recommended me to learn more on the computer science aspect of crytography. I am fluent in the math aspect of it. But in the comp sci aspect, i’d say im pretty dumb. I have very basic knowledge of what programming is, id say around 0.1%-0.5%…

So yeah, thats my request. If you’re reading this, and this question interests you, id like you to give me some advice on where to start, what language to learn first, and such stuff.

Cheers in Advance.

What job do you want to do? Someone else may be able to confirm this (I’ve only gleaned the little I know from talking to people on the security side of dev), but for pure cryptography, it seems a very specific niche that has quite specific requirements and path to follow (and the two most likely destinations are academia or a three-letter agency).

Probs read this:

And there’s a set of challenges representing real-world problems here:

They can be done in any language, so you can pick anything and they should give you pointers on what parts of the given language to focus on

Reddit thread:

What you’ve done (maths undergraduate) is essential, what you’re interested in seems essential. PhD does seem to be almost a prerequisite for pure cryptography.

Learning programming to a useful, solid level will take several years, so tbh I would look at introductory-level stuff (eg 101 courses available online from eg MIT) and work from there. Languages starting out depend on course: Python or Java for example are common teaching languages. The language itself doesn’t matter too much at the point you’re at.