Where to start!?

I am 28 just getting my first computer a couple months ago (Always used cell phone for internet,etc) and WOW i have been missing out!!! Where should i start my learning path? Trying to start a IT career from a construction career! I would like to be able to develop apps and learn security mainly because I hate thief’s and want to be able to do something about it on here! down side is I don’t know anyone that codes or dose really anything with a computer. ANY AND ALL ADVICE IS APPRECIATED!!

If you’re interested in IT support and/or security, then the good news is that those are fields where certifications exist. You’ll be able to use courses and study guides specifically focused on the exams you want to take.

I don’t know how much you know about computers and computer networks, but if you’re fairly new to all this, that’s probably where to start: learning about the different types of computer systems, and the ways that computers communicate with each other. Get familiar with the terminology for the different internal parts of a computer, etc. I don’t have any specific resources that I can recommend, but I would try searching for “introduction to” with terms like “computer networking”, “system administration”, “computer hardware”, “operating systems”. You can probably find recorded college courses for free from universities like MIT and Stanford.

A lot of people like this specific Harvard Course Video Series:
(I didn’t personally find it very useful)

Computational Thinking & Scratch - Intro to Computer Science -
Harvard’s CS50 (2018)

But, It can be a good starting point for a lot of people.

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Im still wet behind the ears new ! smh I just found out last week that windows was a computer system and that there is more out there! I downloaded VMware earlier and playing around with Ubuntu Linux a little and it has me pretty excited! There is soo much more out there than I ever imagined!! Thank you very much for the advice!! the key words you gave are a big help!

Thank you!!! I will most definitely check it out!

Where to start is a very loaded question because of how subjective it is. Questions need to be asked whether you’ve had any prior experiences with computers at all and based on yourstatements, I’d say that it’s best not to rush. Start with a solid foundation, as you’ve mentioned some level of confusion with the basics, it would be best to work on that till it becomes second nature.
Start with office tools and browsers, the common stuff that is at the base pf computer literacy. Then move to programming. Online compilers are your ally here as they let you focus on the code rather than fiddle with IDEs. Don’t go for the latest programming languages. Start with a foundational one like C to get a good idea of what else follows, based on it.
Above all code, don’t just read about it. A few months ofchallenging yet achievable coding is equal to a semester’s worth of material.

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