Where/What to learn HTML/CSS to code something like this?

Hi all
not sure what exactly how I can phrase it, but where or what things I should know about building a HTML/CSS something like this?

I’m familiar with HTML/CSS already and I just finished a course on Sass with CodeAcademy.

Have you tried FCC curriculum? If you haven’t, give it a try. I would suggest if you’re good with html/css, skip them and start from jQuery. And then move on to other sections. And if you get stuck, feel free to ask in this forum or FreeCodeCamp Gitter Chat Channel. Good luck :+1:

I did all of them actually (unless I missed something).

I’m more interested how to create shadows and I’m assuming I have to learn psuedo CSS , etc

So you’re talking about creating shadows for different elements? I think it will help you, check it for creating box shadow and for creating text shadows. I would recommend CSS-Tricks if you want to learn more about css.