Where'd the fb login go? and where's the logout button?

Logged in on chrome on my new laptop (win10) and don’t see a facebook login so I can’t get into my account. When I went to my PC that is logged into that account I changed the email address to reflect my google account and that didn’t make the intended impact. When I login wiht my google account it shows that I’ve made zero progress etc.

Also where did the logout button go? I don’t see it on the profile or settings button.


Thanks for reaching out.

We use only your email address to sign you in to freeCodeCamp’s platforms. If you have been using Facebook previously, you can simply use the email you have with us in the “Email me a sign in code” option and sign into your account.

If you have the same email with either Google or GitHub, you can use those options as well to sign into the same account.

Please reach out to support@freecodecamp.org if you need more help with your account.

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