Wherefore art thou = problem is misleading

People on FCC are getting confused, just as me, trying to figure out the solution for this problem.

The confusion may come into play based on where they placed the // Only change code below this line and the // Only change code above this line comments.

Please fix this! Thanks.

Well, people may not be able to identify the problem because you didn’t post a link to the challenge.

There is nothing about the location of those comments that prevents you from writing a correct solution. If you post your code and a link to the challenge, then we can help you see what’s going on with your code.

I don’t really see how the starting code for that challenge is confusing.

All it does is show you that you need to return an array. You don’t even have to use the array that is in the starter code if you don’t want to, it’s really just there to guide you.

If you just take a look at what FCC community is rambling on about this topic on this forum, then maybe you would be willing to take a look at it and fix it?

I just want to raise this issue one more time.

I have no idea what you mean by “rambling upon about”. Could you provide some links and specific examples?

Ah, I see. You are looking at the solutions page and trying to copy the solutions there while also using the starter code.

But, these user provided solutions came from a slightly different version of the challenge, so it is hard to copy those answers.

I recommend not copying the answers. Copying cripples learning.

You should instead solve the problem without copying the answers and then look at the user provided solutions to see alternative ways to approach this problem.

The given starter code is completely valid for this challenge. I don’t see anything to ‘fix’ here.

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