Which back-end stack to learn after Front-End


I bvelieve IO lnow enough front-end technology now and I would like to learn some back-end to manage databases and create dynamix Webpages.

i though about learning React.js, but what about Ruby On Rails too?

Which one do you recommand given my technical background which I am going to describe below?

My goal: a well-known and used back-end stack, and one that can be used in many different types of situations, easy to learn

My IT background: I know HTML 5 /CSS 3, some Javascript, some PHP, I learned a little of React.js and Vue.js. I understand the MVC model

Thank you.

Node.js is a safe bet, especially since you already know some JavaScript.

Popularity of other platforms depends quite much on where you live. For example RoR is rarely used where I live, but I’ve heard it is more popular in USA. Have a look at job advertisements in your city to get an idea of what most companies use.

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