Which Cert. for a Junior Data Analyst. Done in 2 weeks?

Which Cert. below do you recommend for a Junior Data Analyst, possibly done in 2 weeks?
I am trying to get into a data analyst bootcamp. I need to improve my knowledge in SQL, Python, and Advanced Excel to enter the bootcamp, Zero SQL and Advanced Excel knowledge to start with.

I have 2 weeks from now to learn SQL, Python, and Advanced Excel at a beginner level. I am choosing among the 3 options below. It is strange that the IBM course teaches SQL towards the end of the course.

Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Fundamentals

Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate

IBM Data Science Fundamentals with Python and SQL Specialization

More info:
I have basic knowledge of Python, CSS, and HTML. My ultimate learning/career goal is to become a machine learning engineer. I am trying to first get in to a free Junior Data Analyst bootcamp which provides career follow-up. Hopefully, I can start working in data at an entry level. I can study to earn the Tensorflow and the Google Machine Learning Certificates while learning with and working for a company. Also, I want to build a solid foundation with data analyst, and then move on to machine learning. A year ago, I tried to jump right into the machine learning programme by Andrew Ng. I could not follow with my limited math.

Thank you everyone!!

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