Which code should I learn as a server side language to help with share info of the site across all users?

The context:
People should be able to see all the clicks for picture 1, not just their individual clicks.
For example, if I turned on one computer and clicked on a picture once, Jenny (on a different computer) should see the clicks go up to 2 when she clicks.

Here is a full explanation, which includes the code that you can paste into an editor and see how it looks:

Should I learn python or PHP?
and why is everyone so against php?

I can always provide more info to some degree.

In summary, I need help with using the correct approach:
A. what keywords do I use in a search, to save shared data?
B. What language should I learn (I already know javascript syntax, and html and CSS techniques)
C. The simplest way to make it work would be very helpful.


For some website/app idea’s I’m thinking about I ran into the same ‘problem’. After some research I think for me I would go with Vue & Firebase. There are lots of easy to follow tutorials which you could apply to your project.

Would python be a server side langauge I could use too? Some developers have suggested python.

I also dont know how to learn vue or firebase as I currently only know javascript, css, and html

Vue is a javascript library so you should be fine! Firebase would be the database part where you’ll store the number of likes for example.
I’d love to work with python too but I’m going to need to educate myself first for a while before I’d be confident enough to use it in a project.

Also don’t take my word for it, do your own research on it. I’m just as much if not more of a noob :wink:

so by saying it is a javascript library, does that mean I could use javascript in firebase?

I’m saying you could use Vue, which is basically built on top of javascript to easily write and read data in real time from your Firebase database. Search for ‘Vue Firebase’ on youtube and you’ll find lots of tutorials for example

and in vue? and in vue? (repeated to meet the minimum characters allowed)