Which companies to target for freelance work?

I thought I would be targeting web development agencies for freelance work, but it seems most agencies are oriented towards design and online marketing. Example: http://www.creativesoda.com/

So for freelancers looking to climb above the marketplaces, who are our best clients? I am struggling to define a target market.

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When I really had my hustle going freelancing, I was focused on the music industry…started out working with individuals / small bands and because everyone knows everyone, ended up being able to some work for a couple of popular bands as well because I was getting new work through word of mouth. That was the industry / client for me because well…I love local and live music. Its an industry I enjoy working with and in turn, really enjoyed working on the websites.

I sort of stepped away from everything fora few years and when I started back again, focused on small businesses…who tend to do work with and will give good word of mouth referrals to other small businesses. So I did work for a family owned restaurant, a bakery, a legal consultation co… Im saying all this to say…when you think freelance dont limit yourself to contracting your services to an agency, you can work with clients directly… and who those clients may be can literally be anyone. Most of the work I got was from handing my business card out while hanging out at a bar on a Fri night, or giving a card to my server while out eating. You never know who needs a website or knows someone who does…


Ok then. I can’t find customers in person due to being in Asia (and targeting the US) but maybe some mining on Craigslist will take me places.

Ohh, okay… is there a restriction of sorts in China that you are not supposed to have any customers there, or is it just a personal preference to target the US market?

I’m in Thailand actually :slight_smile: As an American I’d prefer to work with US companies for the enhanced pay rate.

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Ohhhh jeeez… I have no idea why I suggested China! My daughter wants to move to Japan, I have a friend who moved to Thailand, another to Cambodia, and I have lived in S. Korea… so I have no excuse. My brain really fails me sometimes :laughing:

Okay, I totally get where you are coming from now…on track! Well, my friend in Cambodia does some contract work, hes in IT though and got most of his clients locally before moving over there. Most of the resources Ive collected that are somewhat similar are for remote positions for people traveling abroad. Thats not for freelance work though, but for companies hiring remotely. If you’re interested though, let me know and Ill go through what I have.

Freelancing though, yeah…strictly from online does tend to be rough, and my experiences have really mostly been with finding clients locally. On that vein though, if you ever do come across Americans in Thailand, give them your card! Actually, give them a bunch because they may know other people who they can pass your cards along to.

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