Which Ecommerce platform is best? Shopify or Magento

I am new to ecommerce and looking to start my first online store where I will sell electronics items like mobiles, LEDs, etc. We have approx 700 products. I have heard a lot about Shopify and Magento.

I am confused which one is better? I have seen a comparison between Shopify and Magento:

But before taking any decision I need more advice. Thank you.

I would suggest you to go with Shopify as you are new to eCommerce, Shopify is easy to manage through Magento is good too it required technical expertise. So my vote will go for Shopify, If you are looking to hire Shopify developers you can find one at https://www.codingpixel.com/shopify-developer-los-angeles/

Magento platform is the best and reliable one for the ecommerce website development. It is much more beneficial than the development with the Shopify Development.

Why choose Magento development services?
1.) Open-source platform
2.) Retail Stores
3.) SEO and Mobile-friendly
4.) Personalization
5.) Flexible and Highly Scalable
6.) Cross-Browser Compatibility
7.) Multilingual
8.) Checkout Options