Which form library/plugin is used for this Contac form?

Please help me identify which library is used in this screenshot. I initially thought it was Material design but is not…

I took this screenshot from here:

I have to sign in to see it, it seems. But looking at the page my guess is https://tailwindcss.com/

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Thanks, what puzzles me is that I can’t find any docs related to make the form behave/look like that, or an example of it.

Tailwind is a utility-first CSS framework. You won’t find components. You would have to look at the source to see which classes and/or custom CSS is used to build the form. As I said, I can’t see the form and I’m not going to sign up just so I can see it.

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Interesting, had no idea what an utility-first framework was, thank you!! :wink:

Not only sign up but also pay for it :sweat_smile:… so no I don’t expect you to do that I’m good with your explanation

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