Which full stack show case project won't be reinventing the wheel?

I’m looking for ideas to show what I learned without doing something which was already done thousands of times. Any ideas where to find hints?

hi there @MarcoPolo!

have you tried lets say recreating by yourself anything that " something which was already done thousands of times"?

IMHO, i think that you need to understand concepts of creating something so for example, if you put a goeal to yourself to “recreate” a google page from scratch or something like this. I think i’ts good for training your skills

I actually have an idea, it’s just that almost everything that’s worth working on requires one of the two: 1. Big Data. 2. Collaboration with experts in cutting edge CS subjects.

what do you mean by SC subjects, can you specify? don’t quite understand

E.g. AI, for predicting user preferences or categorizing them, or cryptography, to make novel privacy products.

I think the best way is to try to solve a problem that you yourself have. It looks like you’re already thinking along these lines, so maybe spend more time coming up with ideas? It’s better to have more than one! :slight_smile:

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think about some different things:
maybe backend web developement…


some scientific things with Python. the IT world is almost endless… its up to you where you choose to go