Which is Best Development Framework

Hello all, I want to make a website for my grocery business, I learned some of the basics of HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap for UI. but I am very confused about which Programming language and Framework to use.

If your primary goal is just to build a website for your business, I actually recommend looking at a service like SquareSpace or Wix. If you want to learn to program for yourself and just think that building a business website would be a good long-term goal, then it doesn’t really matter which framework you learn. That said, I’d suggest starting with React and seeing how that works for you.


I am very confused about which Programming language and Framework to use.

In terms of language, your choice is easy - HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are ultimately your only options.

For the backend, things get more complicated as there are multiple languages. FCC teaches Node. There are probably some nice libraries that help with setting up a marketplace. There might be even some nice prepackaged systems for this.

In terms of frameworks… Of course, you don’t need one, but they do make life a lot easier. FCC teaches React.

But there are too many options and combinations to say which is “best”.

But to echo what Ariel is saying, I don’t know if you want to build this from scratch yourself. This is a business, right? Every week you spend working on this is lost opportunity cost. And this is going to take a long time, especially if you are just learning how to do this. Can you afford to wait a year?

Ariel mentions some services… even hiring someone to do it may be a good thing in the long run - you can learn how to maintain it later. But in any case, I would think that “time to market” would be your highest concern.


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