Which is more popular- Java spring framework or Struts?

The popularity of the Java Spring Framework is more than evident. First and foremost, it’s a Java-based web application framework that’s capable of exposing restful services, including Spring Security (which adds both authentication and authorization features), and is capable of establishing JDBC connections. It’s a full-featured framework that offers capabilities such as JSP tag libraries, a Web Services Gateway Interface (WGSI), and Java Server Faces (JSF) integration.

Taken together, this makes it a very popular framework for Java developers.

Share your opinions.

I’m not sure… but as neither is javaSCRIPT maybe it belongs in the general forum as opposed to this one

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I moved it to the General forum.

I’m not a Java guy, but I’ve heard of Spring and never heard of Struts. When I google “java frameworks popularity” I see Spring usually listed first - Struts is always further down the list.

What is your goal here? A poll? Figure out what to learn? What to use?

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