Which is more valuable skill in upcoming future?

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I am a junior software developer from India who knows basic node, express, and javascript. In short, you can say that I am a backend developer but I want to be a full stack developer so that I can create more value. There are a lot of frontend frameworks and I am totally confused as to chose which framework and this is also the question of many developers. So a detailed answer is much appreciated.

Scenario: In my current organization they teach angular or react to every newbie. So I have a doubt that in the future they don’t need angular or react developers and maybe this the same scenario for every organization out there. So which framework should I learn to provide me great value in the

Note: This is my first post guys, if it has any mistakes then ignore it, or if it is unignorable then mention it in the comments I will definitely improve it.

Front-end frameworks are taught because they are in demand. The web is becoming more and more like a “application delivery platform”, and front-end frameworks are a big part of this shift. Between the two frameworks React is more popular, but Angular may be used more and be more popular in India specifically. I’d do some more research to see which is more popular in your area and industry.

Generally React is more popular as its a simpler library/framework that can be used for a number of different use-cases, as its only concerned about managing the UI.

Angular on the other hand is more of a complete solution to building applications using web technologies. As such it has an answer for a lot of common problems, some of which you may or may-not need however. Overall this means its more to learn, more to understand and more to leverage.

Regardless, being full-stack essentially requires you to understand at least one of these frameworks, or the less popular 3rd option, which is Vue. I don’t really suggest Vue as its the least popular, so its the most risky to learn in terms of its overall value in the industry.

Good luck, keep learning keep building :+1:

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