Which is the best software to expand small business?

Hi guys, my girlfriend has a small handmade business and now she is already has a lot of orders and I proposed her to create website or application for making organization of her business easier. What option is better in this case? Any suggestion of software developers?

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What will the website do? Is it for end users or for her to track orders or something else?

Depending on the type of business there are already a wide array of software to help her with her business.

You could build a custom one for her, but this will require more time and effort than just picking up a proven one off the shelf. If she is currently having trouble keeping up, I would not go this route as it will take too long to get going.

I would only go the “custom app” route if you primarily want to learn, and your girlfriend is fine without a fully working solution for months. Another reason to go this route now is if your girlfriends business is so uniquely structure pre-existing business software wont work for her, but I find this unlikely.


Thank you for your attention. I also think that a custom application is more suitable for her. The main goal is to systematize orders. She wants the app/website to be easy to use, familiar (add to cart, change quantity). so that the customer can track the degree of completion of the order (accepted for processing, manufactured, preparing for shipment, ready for delivery). We do not rush, it is better to devote more time to this, but get a quality product

I wound not suggest trying to write an E-business solution, at least for accepting orders. Use a proven site to handle the cash part of an order. I realize I lurk quite a bit, but I hope this helps.


I am certain there exist out of the box solutions to do this sort of thing. I wouldn’t try to make your own as a beginner unless she can wait years for an initial version of this software. Learning Javascript well enough to do this correctly will take time.

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If you want to do some changes by yourself on the website, you may use Wix. It’s a constructor. This resource is very simple and easy to use, but it has less functions then website on wordpress or other engine

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Thanks! I will check it out

You should use something like shopify, you can customise and develop the code further if you wish using shopify theme kit. You can advance your development skills that way and your gf will have a functional site relatively quickly.

I wouldn’t use wix, the code is generated by software and isn’t really customisable in the same way. Shopify themes by contrast are written by developers.

I wouldn’t build an ecommerce site from scratch if I were you.

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I should add another suggestion also, Wordpress. It is a commonly used software to quickly get an up and running website and comes with many plugins. I haven’t used Shopify myself but as I have some software development experience, and Wordpress is free from Wordpress.org, this was the solution I tried. (The plug-ins can also be free for some use cases but you may still have to end up paying for them if you need certain features).

How’s her business doing now? Is it connected to eCommerce? I’ve heard it’s popular now to resell items online and keep the change. You basically order things from Chine for one price and sell them in the US via Amazon for a different price.
Your girlfriend’s business could benefit from cooperation with a good marketing strategy to create a specially tailored solution for her. I can recommend Mod edit: link removed as a reliable business partner that will lead her company to new heights.
It’s way better, to begin with professionals because it helps to build the right base for the company.