Which JavaScript framework to use?

I am a student and my main field of study is Web Development. For my Diploma work, I have to make website/application which is for Caffe bar management. Owner of the bar needs to “draw” his bar at my website, to “place” tables in my application so bartender could fill the data when guests come with their orders and prices.

I know only Vanilla JS so I would need to learn new technology for this project so what do you suggest me to use/learn? Also, I am not sure how to store the configuration of the bar in the database, do you think it’s good to use config file for saving the shape of the bar on the server?

Do you recommend me some specific course that will help me to build this application?

Thank you very much for your advices.

I would do some reading on js graphics. It’s not clear to me exactly what you need, but that sounds like a good place to start.

I don’t know, does he need to change the layout on the site or is it always the same? If it is the later, you could just make an image of the map on the screen and then write to a transparent layer over it.

Hello Kevin, thank you very much for your answer.

I will try to be more specific about the application.

Imagine that you own a Caffe bar. In this application you would make 2D version of the bar where you can see all the tables, where are the doors, pult, etc. When 2D version of the bar is configured, bartenders can use the website on their tablets to fill the data about tables and orders of the guests.
I was thinking that owner can use drag and drop element when he is doing configuration of the place.

I’ve seen the Graphic JS but it doesn’t look like what I need.

Again, is the configuration of the bar going to change? Do the tables need to be moved around? If not, it gets much easier. If you have to move the tables, it’s a bit outside of my ken, but I’m sure there is something out there to handle it. I’d just start doing a bunch of google searches.

Yes, it should be changeable.

Okay. Thank you anyway.