Which Javascript language version are accessible in vue/cli 4 app?

I have some expierence of working with laravel 5 / vuejs 2 and in my PHPStorm I set
Javascript language version to ECMAScript 6
Now I move to vue/cli 4 apps and I wonder which Javascript language version does it use?
I had some options on app installation, but looks like there was no Javascript language version options.

I tried to install new project with eslint(default option) and found this idea very interesting, but very uncomfortable
for myself, maybe as I just did not work with it before…

I created new project without eslint and found somewhat uncomfortable, as it was different when I worked with
laravel 5 / vuejs 2 projects. Can you advice proper way, bearing in mind that I use PhpStorm 2019.2.3 ?

Which Javascript language version are accessible for me and how bettr to work with them in PhpStorm ?


That’s not how it works, you can’t choose a language version. You just use JavaScript. There are new features in the language (from 2015 onwards, features are added yearly), but the language is always backwards compatible. And to ensure that code written using newer features works in older browsers, tools like Babel exist for converting the code to make it run. The runtime is;going to be versioned (Node, or browser engines like V8 or Spidermonkey)